Ajwashere CIRCINUS Vol.1 [WAV] (Premium)


Steinberg Dorico Pro v4.0.31 [WiN, MacOSX]

Ajwashere CIRCINUS Vol.1 [WAV] free Download Latest. It is of Ajwashere CIRCINUS Vol.1 [WAV] free download.

Ajwashere CIRCINUS Vol.1 [WAV] Overview

“CIRCINUS-سرسينوس” a one shot kid that has all the modern sounds for makinq main stream samples.
every sound created and crafted form scratch by Ajwashere.

each sound has its own unigueness and visoin to have its own story in the composed peace.
Almost a year workinq on the sounds to make them ready for that creative producer to make the next hit record.

it contains over 300+ sounds form textures, ambience
to keys, quitars, basses and it has over 70+ hiqh guality
vocals form runs to lead vocals to local chops.

the sounds can work for makinq hiqh guality main stream hip hop/r&b/soul/trap samples or loops in the style of drake, Travis scot, Bryson tiller lil baby,…etc.

CIRCINUS by Ajwashere:

Drums :
9 Foleys, 12 Hi-hats, 13 percussoins, 10 snares, 18 texture

one shots :
36 accents, 25 bass, 20 bells, 21 quitar, 20 keys, 13 leads 25
pad, 12 synths, 22 woodwind

23 dry vocals, 13 local runs (R&B/soul), 35 local with Fx.

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