3D Game Character Creature – Full Complete Pipeline (Premium)


3D Game Character Creature – Full Complete Pipeline

3D Game Character Creature – Full Complete Pipeline free Download Latest. It is of 3D Game Character Creature – Full Complete Pipeline free download.

3D Game Character Creature – Full Complete Pipeline Overview

Learn How to Model sculpt and Texture a Character Creature using Zbrush, Maya, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Unreal

What you’ll learn

Create a full body character suitable for games
Understand the reasons behind retopologizing
Design creatures in a logical and creative manner
Create skin and eye textures
Understand how to make clean production-ready topology
Texture and light for presentation


Basic knowledge of ZBrush, Maya, Substance, Marmoset, Photoshop, Unreal


Instructor InfoAbraham Leal is the Director and Founder of Critical Hit Studio & Academy. With the studio and academy, he is proud to be able to spread his artistic knowledge to everyone in his hometown and is extremely excited to be working on big entertainment projects in Mexico. What inspired Abraham to be a 3D artist is The Hobbit book and all the lore that surrounds it. Being able to tell stories and share his own voice is what motivates him to create and imagine new and exciting characters. Prior to becoming a 3D artist, he was going to medical school and he decided to do a complete 180 and get into Digital Design and Entertainment Production. When he quit medical school, he couldn’t draw, paint, or sculpt to save his life but he was so convinced of his definite desire and worked hard to turn it into a reality. His advice to artists who want to get into the 3D industry is to practice properly, be patient and stay humble. He believes in always having a goal in mind, and always open to learning and improving. Course Info Throughout this course, we are going to be focusing on the creation of a video game-ready character. We are going to be bringing in an interesting character to life. We will go through the whole process of character game creation starting from design, proportion, anatomy, and diving in to the entire pipeline until we arrive to a production-ready character. We will go deep into the creation of the high poly, low poly, retopologizing, UV mapping, texturing, material setup, rendering, lights, post-production, and at the end putting the character into a game engine to make sure everything is working properly.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Vol. 1: Sculpting the Creature

Lecture 2 Volume 1 Overview

Lecture 3 Proportions and Base Mesh

Lecture 4 Torso

Lecture 5 Arms

Lecture 6 Legs

Lecture 7 Head

Lecture 8 Design Adjustments

Lecture 9 Head Details Part 1

Lecture 10 Head Details Part 2

Lecture 11 Torso Details

Lecture 12 Back Details

Lecture 13 Light Test

Lecture 14 Arms Details

Lecture 15 Hands Details

Lecture 16 Feet Details

Lecture 17 Micro Details

Lecture 18 Character Details

Lecture 19 Marmoset Quickview

Section 3: Vol. 2: Retopologizing, Unwrapping, Texturing, Setting up for Presentation

Lecture 20 Volume 2 Overview

Lecture 21 Retopology Intro

Lecture 22 Retopology Tools

Lecture 23 Retopology Torso

Lecture 24 Retopology Face Main Loops

Lecture 25 Retopology Face Main Details

Lecture 26 Retopology Head

Lecture 27 Retopology Neck

Lecture 28 Retopology Back

Lecture 29 Retopology Legs

Lecture 30 Retopology Legs Details

Lecture 31 Retopology Feet

Lecture 32 Retopology Forearm Fingers

Lecture 33 Retopology Hands

Lecture 34 Retopology Final Steps

Lecture 35 UVs Part 1

Lecture 36 UVs Part 2

Lecture 37 UVs Part 3

Lecture 38 UVs Cleanup

Lecture 39 Normal Map and Baking

Lecture 40 Useful Maps and Initial Colors

Lecture 41 Color Layering Part 1

Lecture 42 Color Layering Part 2

Lecture 43 Color Details and Fake SSS

Lecture 44 Glossiness

Lecture 45 Color Details

Lecture 46 TrueSSS and Final Details

Lecture 47 Eye Texturing

Lecture 48 Marmoset Material Setup

Lecture 49 Light Setup

Lecture 50 Photoshop Post Production

Lecture 51 Final Video

Anyone who want to create an interesting character for games



Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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